DXC is the premier membership network of the world's foremost design executives

Our members are the Heads of Design, VPs, SVPs, Chief Design Officers, and Board Members of the world’s most significant public companies and ventures. Through DXC, they drive each other to new heights, develop competitive advantages, and elevate strategic design leadership to the highest levels.

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Advancing design executives
in the C-Suite and Boards

Uniquely dedicated to design executives, we are a company led by team of design executives who are actively engaged in the industry as leaders, major employers, and design authorities.

At DXC, our core philosophy focuses on the value of strategic design leadership at the highest levels of business and society. We elevate design executives as trusted partners to CEOs, C-Level Executives, and Boards, integrating human-centric decision-making into the core of business. Within the DXC network, members find an environment that develops and propels them into roles of significance.

A trusted community of senior executives and vital business intelligence

Crafted by design executives for their peers, DXC embodies collective intention and mutual understanding. Every aspect is meticulously tailored to address the unique challenges and goals of design executives. Within this community, members access a distinct network that fosters connections, access to operationally-relevant data, and a learning environment focused on strategic topics. Members immerse themselves in a network that amplifies their capabilities to the C-Suite and Board level.

Membership offers access to a yearly schedule of events, complemented by a comprehensive range of distinctive programs. These initiatives are designed to help members cultivate unique competitive edges, customized to address the particular demands of their individual roles and long-term goals.

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“Design Executive Council's agenda holds profound significance in shaping the Chief Design Officers of the future.
Daniela Jorge, SVP and Chief Design Officer at Capital One