The premier membership network for corporate design executives.

DXC serves as the singular destination for seasoned executives to collectively learn, access proprietary resources, and propel design leadership into the highest levels of business and society.

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Membership requirements

Our members are corporate in-house Chief Design Officers, Board members, SVPs, VPs, and Heads of Design ranging from Fortune 100 companies to late-stage venture-backed companies. Membership application is evaluated on the strength of the individual’s holistic profile. All applicants are rigorously evaluated against our membership requirements, peer references, and capacity for advancing strategic design leadership. DXC members bring on average 20 years of experience in industry, and a consistent track-record of leadership and business impact.


We define the evolving Chief Design Officer role with our structured 4-pillar program, offering practical insights, career connections, and transformative industry programs. Our network spans strategic hubs from San Francisco to New York City, fostering vibrant member communities. Our annual event calendar promotes networking, knowledge exchange, and collaborative learning with industry peers. Industry leading design executives have come to trust DXC as a distinct organization that uniquely understands the bespoke needs of design executives. Here, you will find an well-considered environment of camaraderie, empowerment, and advancement.

A trusted peer community

DXC Members gain access to a trusted community of design executives. Across every interaction at DXC, you will find peers who understand your challenges and share your values for strategic leadership. Our peer-vetted design executive network embraces a genuine space for connection and growth. Through our annual calendar of events, we provide a safe environment for discovery and growth. At DXC, each member is empowered to be an active contributor, not just an observer.

Shape strategic design leadership

Our community is built on genuine relationships and a shared commitment to our mission. Peers come together to support one another, elevating strategic design leadership to new heights. Through mutual support, we improve decision-making and enhance our journeys, fostering an environment where strategic design leadership is actualized and sustained. Through our programs, we co-create what design leadership looks like at the highest levels of companies.

Elevate your performance

Members access real-time insights via our Strategic Design Leadership Value (SDLV) methodology, enhancing strategic competence for C-Suite and Board roles by integrating learnings from executive case studies, proven methods, and scientific literature. Members gain access to a sounding board of peers and experts who unlock insights into high performance. We source the most seasoned experts in the field to ensure the quality of recommendations and insights to our members.

Access research and benchmarks

DXC conducts original research sourced from our distinguished membership base to unearth not just any insight, but boardroom-tested practices that enable strategic design leadership in the world's most successful companies. Our research focuses on enriching our members' success by exposing them to a wide variety of situations, challenges, and solutions that enhance their ability to create impact across the lifecycle of their executive career journeys.

Amplify your profile

As an executive, your profile matters. DXC partners with executives to empower them as trusted leaders and subject matter experts in the C-Suite and at the board level of companies. We build vital relationships with creative talent, business networks, executive recruiters, and key leaders, opening new opportunities for you. At DXC, your success is our success, driven by our mission to advance strategic design leadership.

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