About us


Launched in 2022, DXC stands as a central hub for design executives, founded to advance strategic design leadership. Our independence lets us focus on the unique needs of design executives, without compromise and dilution of our community. This autonomy drives our commitment to building a value-add ecosystem where design executives find not just a network but a dedicated platform that advances their success. DXC is more than a community—it's a movement to redefine design's strategic value in business, propelled by our members' expertise and passion for transformative design. By concentrating on research and expertise, we empower design executives to navigate today’s business challenges, shaping a future where design leadership is central to organizational success.

Founding Members in San Francisco


At DXC, our mission is advance strategic design leadership to the highest levels of business and society. We see the emergence of design executives as C-Level executives and board members to steer better business leadership.

We empower design executives with unparalleled access to a strategic leadership network, vital business intelligence, and high-value opportunities. We are committed to enhancing the influence and success of design leaders in executive and board roles, ensuring that the value of design is recognized at the highest levels of business.

Through an influential community, insightful research, readiness programs, and an annual calendar of events, we aim to advance the leadership performance, market value, and strategic impact of our members, thereby transforming businesses through the transformative power of design leadership.


DXC was born from a vision to elevate the role of design in business leadership. Founded in 2022 by Gordon Ching, a San Francisco based design leader and graduate from the Savannah School of Art and Design, DXC sprouted from a thesis that delved deep into the effectiveness of Chief Design Officers and design executives. What began as an academic pursuit rapidly evolved into a vibrant dinner club and design executive community. Under Gordon's leadership, DXC has grown significantly into a trusted brand, attracting key figures of the corporate design leadership world.

Today, DXC boasts a membership of senior executives from global multinational corporations and high-growth tech startups alike, including industry titans like Adobe, Boeing, Capital One, CNN, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, and Warner Music Group. Our members benefit from a rich knowledge base and network designed to bolster their leadership in navigating the highest levels of business and design leadership.

DXC Founder & CEO, Gordon Ching