About our Council

DXC is the premier membership network for design executives.

Our mission

At DXC, we advance strategic design leadership to the highest levels of business and society. We empower senior design executives to excel in high-stakes environments and propel their presence as industry leaders. Through peer development, research, and amplification, we accelerate learning and share best practices from today's industry leaders.

DXC facilitates interactions among design executives, C-suite leaders, board directors, and business thought leaders through private, candid discussions, both digitally and in-person. Our programs deliver actionable insights and opportunities to enhance business and leadership performance.

We are dedicated to the success of our members, offering programs for the most influential design executives at major companies. We aim to elevate design executives to C-level leaders, board members, advisors, and CEOs, driving profound business transformation, enhancing brands and customer experiences, and embedding design values into the heart of businesses.

Our community

We represent the world's foremost design executives, individuals who bring decades of wisdom and demonstrated success. Our members have hands-on experience across diverse industries at the world's most influential companies, from consumer goods to enterprise software, healthcare to automotive, aviation to entertainment, finance to retail. Their exceptional track records as designers, leaders, and executives form the foundation of our worldview and vision for impact.

DXC Members

DXC members gain access to a trusted community of design executives, vital business intelligence, and a curated roster of industry advisors, including CEOs, CFOs, board members, and corporate subject matter experts. DXC is a platform that supports design executives throughout their career journeys—from building their professional community, navigating critical career transitions, to creating their long-term legacies.

Business Advisors

We actively reach across the boardroom. We regularly engage senior business executives and partners to enrich our Council's perspectives, offering unique opportunities to learn from the industry's most seasoned design executives. From board members and venture capitalists to CFOs, we create new avenues for design and business leaders to unite in a common forum focused on improving the state of business and society.

Design Executive Council Members Gathering

Our history

DXC was born from a vision to elevate the role of design in business leadership. Founded in 2022 by Gordon Ching, a Canadian-born, San Francisco-based design leader and graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design, DXC sprouted from a thesis that delved deep into the effectiveness of Chief Design Officers and design executives. What began as an academic pursuit rapidly evolved into a vibrant dinner club and design executive community. Under Gordon's leadership, DXC has grown significantly into a trusted brand, attracting key figures in corporate design leadership and earning the respect of business executives and corporate board networks.

Today, DXC boasts a membership of senior executives from global multinational corporations and high-growth tech startups, including industry titans like Adobe, Boeing, Capital One, CNN, Intuit, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, Target, Warner Music Group, and Workday. Our members benefit from a rich knowledge base and network designed to bolster their leadership in navigating the highest levels of business and design.

Gordon Ching, Founder & CEO of Design Executive Council
Our Founder & CEO, Gordon Ching