Daniela Jorge, SVP & Chief Design Officer at Capital One, Joins DXC as Distinguished Advisor and Founding Member

Daniela Jorge, SVP & Chief Design Officer at Capital One, Joins DXC as Distinguished Advisor and Founding Member

SAN FRANCISCO, California—August 31, 2023—Design Executive Council (DXC), the premier membership network for design executives, is thrilled to announce that Daniela Jorge, Chief Design Officer at Capital One, has joined the organization as a Distinguished Advisor and Founding Member.

An Industry-Spanning Design Leader

Daniela Jorge has gained widespread recognition as a leading executive in design and customer experience. She holds the distinction of being the first Latina and Brazilian Chief Design Officer of two Fortune 200 companies. Daniela joined Capital One in 2023 and now heads the Experience Design organization at Capital One, one of the largest retail banks in the United States. Daniela and the Experience Design organization work with their partners across the business to deliver innovative experiences to more than 100 million Capital One customers. In 2022, Daniela was appointed as a member of the Board of Directors for Mr. Cooper (NYSE: COOP), marking another milestone in her pioneering career.

Before joining Capital One, Daniela spent seven transformative years at PayPal as Chief Design Officer and VP of Customer Experiences. She scaled her team from 80 to 350 and was instrumental in PayPal's market-leading position as one of the world’s most popular online payment platforms, which saw impressive revenue growth from $10.9 billion in 2016 to $28.5 billion in 2023. With her diverse background, including key roles at AT&T, Intuit, eBay, and Yahoo!, Daniela brings a nuanced understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities that today's design executives face.

Distinguished Advisor and Strategic Contributions

As a Distinguished Advisor, Daniela Jorge will act as both an ambassador and advocate for the Design Executive Council (DXC), championing the Council's mission and values both internally and externally. She shares her stance on pressing issues in design leadership: "Transformational design leadership needs heightened business acumen to align initiatives with organizational strategies. Design becomes a value-generating force, delivering customer value and contributing significantly to business goals. Strategic leadership and fostering diverse and inclusive teams are also crucial."

Founder & CEO Gordon Ching notes, "Daniela has been one of the earliest supporters of DXC, even before it was a formal organization. Her ongoing sponsorship and advocacy have been instrumental in shaping DXC into the premier membership network it is today."

In addition to her insightful thoughts on leadership, Daniela emphasizes the complex skill set required for modern design professionals: "Advancing the design profession requires skills beyond foundational design expertise. In an ever-changing landscape of customer behaviors and technical innovations, empathy-driven, user-centered approaches, ethical considerations, and cross-disciplinary collaboration are indispensable." With her wealth of knowledge and seasoned expertise, Daniela is uniquely positioned to enhance the Council's grasp of how design can function as a strategic force for corporate excellence.

Daniela's Vision for the DXC

In conversation with DXC Founder & CEO Gordon Ching, Daniela expressed her perspective on the Council's role: "The Design Executive Council's agenda holds profound significance in shaping the Chief Design Officers of the future. By convening thought leaders, industry experts, and seasoned design professionals, the Council plays a pivotal role in defining the strategic direction of design leadership. Through collaborative discussions, knowledge exchange, and the identification of best practices, the Council acts as a crucible for forging the qualities, skills, and perspectives necessary for design leaders today and Chief Design Officers of tomorrow to excel in an ever-evolving and dynamic professional landscape."


Daniela Jorge

Daniela Jorge has a history of success unlocking the business value of design across industries, including marketplaces, eCommerce, and multisided platforms serving a broad range of users.

In her role as Chief Design Officer at Capital One, Daniela leads an organization of several hundred designers supporting Capital One's mission of helping customers succeed by bringing ingenuity, simplicity, and humanity to banking. She was previously the Chief Design Officer at PayPal and VP of Design at AT&T.

She serves on the board of directors of Mr. Cooper Group (NASDAQ: COOP), BayBrazil, a board advisor at Loft, and is a Distinguished Advisor and Founding Member at Design Executive Council. Daniela graduated with an MFA in Computer Graphics and a BFA in Industrial Design from Rochester Institute of Technology.

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