Behind the scenes: DXC 100 research report unveiling & Founding Member’s event

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Members of the Design Executive Council (DXC) — including Founding Members and Board Advisors from New York, Los Angeles, and Silicon Valley — gathered in San Francisco for a sequence of special events. In attendance were design executives representing some of the world’s most iconic brands, including Gopuff, Getty Images, JPMorgan Chase, SEPHORA, SAP, Warner Music Group, and more.

The day's agenda featured a visit to the DXC Studio, where members participated in a photoshoot. This was followed by the DXC Founding Membership Event, during which we unveiled the DXC 100 research report. This comprehensive report delves into the current state of corporate design leadership within the Fortune 1000.

DXC is dedicated to promoting strategic design leadership in both business and society. We offer our members distinctive programs designed to enhance their competitive edge. Whether it's through fostering community, optimizing performance, delivering actionable intelligence, or amplifying their impact, DXC ensures its members — including those in roles like VP Design, Chief Design Officer, and Board Member — are well-equipped with the necessary resources to excel in their positions.

DXC Studio Photoshoot & Member Profiles

Members gained access to DXC’s world-class fashion photographer from New York City that delivered the execution of our studio photoshoot process. As designers are leaders who are typically the ones behind the camera, we wanted to celebrate their journeys by putting them in-front of the camera. We’re excited to share some preview photos of behind the scenes process ahead of the official release of our digital member profiles.

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DXC100 Unveiling & Member Event

Members gathered for a memorable evening marked by an exclusive dining experience and the unveiling of the DXC 100 report, which delves into the state of corporate design leadership within the Fortune 1000. DXC Members enjoyed immediate access and live discussions centered on the report's data and insights. For those not in the DXC, the report will soon be available for advanced purchase, granting buyers both print and digital copies ahead of its general public release scheduled for later in November.

DXC 100 report is exclusively available to members ahead of our Fall 2023 release

In the DXC 100 report, we illuminate key statistics and offer a thorough examination of the current landscape of the Chief Design Officer role. This includes a demographic overview of Chief Design Executives within the Fortune 1000. Furthermore, the report features in-depth profiles of member Chief Design Officers from major financial services and enterprise software firms, including Cisco, JPMorgan Chase, SAP, Toast, and Capital One.

Our Founder & CEO, Gordon Ching, hosted a live research briefing, offering members a firsthand glimpse into the trends influencing corporate design executives. He stated, “The Chief Design Officer market is untapped. We believe corporate boards and leadership teams are overlooking a lucrative opportunity, and we want to help them not only see it, but desire and implement it.'"

This session fostered in-depth conversations about key positioning areas and strategic initiatives aimed at fortifying and expanding the design executive profession. It also allowed members to directly influence the Design Executive Council's investment priorities.

Kaaren Hanson, Chief Design Officer at Chase, emphasized, “Design executives shouldn't relinquish judgment. We play a significant professional role." Arin Bhowmick, Chief Design Officer at SAP, noted, “While designers are rooted in empathy, it can also bite us in the wrong way when overapplied."

The group further explored the importance of design in governance, emphasizing the need for more design executives to rise as strategic leaders and Board Members of publicly traded corporations.

Christina Goldschmidt, VP Product Design at Warner Music Group shared that “a systemic way to influence increased design literacy amongst CEOs is to install more design executives as Board members.” Jason Brightman, VP Design & UX at Gopuff, posited, “Design leaders are more closely aligned with CEOs than any other role. They push for change at a pace that ensures evolution without destabilizing the company.”

Arin Bhowmick, Chief Design Officer of SAP with Gordon Ching, Founder & CEO of Design Executive Council  
Design Executive Council Members Having Dinner
DXC Founding Members exploring interpretations and implications of the DXC 100 report over dinner

Congratulations to all of our Founding Members for an incredible evening of friendship, celebration, and learning. Design Executive Council is proud to represent each one of you as we advance strategic design leadership to the highest levels of business and society.

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