Greg Petroff, Chief Design Officer at Cisco Secure, Joins Design Executive Council as Founding Member


SAN FRANCISCO, California—September 19, 2023—Design Executive Council (DXC), the premier membership network for design executives, is thrilled to announce that Greg Petroff, Chief Design Officer at Cisco Secure, has joined as Founding Member. Cisco is a multinational digital communications company and is one of the largest technology companies in the world, with over $51 billion in revenue and nearly 83,300 employees.

With a storied career that stretches over two and a half decades, Petroff is a well-known figure in the realm of design and technology. His involvement with DXC is expected to bring a wealth of experience and a pragmatic approach to the Council's knowledge base, thought leadership, and membership programming. Greg brings over 25 years of experience in design and technology, including at industry titans like GE Digital, Google, SAP and Service Now, with roles spanning product, design, and innovation leadership.

A Legacy of Leadership

Petroff has been a luminary in the field, with cross-functional leadership roles including as VP Product at SAP, VP Design at ServiceNow, Managing Director for Online at Google Cloud, SVP Design at Compass, and Chief Experience Officer at GE Digital.

Founder and CEO of Design Executive Council, Gordon Ching, weighed in on Petroff's addition: "Amongst our membership roster, Greg brings a unique cross-functional understanding necessary to guide the development of effective Chief Design Officers. His roles in Design, Product Management, Marketing and Architecture lends greater depth, credibility and insight to support DXC’s understanding of how we can advance strategic design leadership to the highest levels of business and society." Greg's emphasis on user-centered design and strategic leadership has been instrumental in shaping products and experiences across diverse sectors, including healthcare, finance, retail, and transportation.

Petroff Speaks on Joining DXC

Commenting on his entry into DXC, Petroff expressed enthusiasm about the opportunities ahead. "I am incredibly excited to join the Design Executive Council as a founding member. The council represents a unique platform for leaders in the field to share ideas, experiences, and best practices."

He further elaborated on his vision for DXC, "Design leadership can often be a lonely place. The concerns and challenges we face are frequently misunderstood by other functions within the organization. I see DXC as not only a professional refuge but as an advocacy group. My vision is for DXC to become a hub where we can genuinely learn from one another and advance the cause of design leadership to higher echelons."

DXC’s Enterprise Design Expertise

The entry of Greg Petroff to DXC adds significant weight to the council's objectives of fostering effective design leadership and serving as a powerful advocacy group for the profession. Petroff brings with him a clear viewpoint on what needs to change within the industry from a knowledge perspective. He emphasizes the importance of "learning the language of outcomes" and "being great at narrative storytelling," among other competencies. These tenets align with his belief that design leaders should not only master their craft but also understand the underlying needs of users, customers, and the business landscape they operate within. With Petroff's reputation and proven track record, the DXC now counts several enterprise design leader heavyweights to our roster, further adding to the unique ability for the DXC to convene the world’s most influential design leaders.

Greg’s Vision for DXC

Greg Petroff's addition as a founding member of the Design Executive Council marks a significant milestone for the organization. With his pragmatic philosophy, commitment to user-centered design, and a vision to elevate the role of design in strategic corporate functions, Petroff is expected to be a driving force in the council's mission to advance design leadership across industries. Petroff also shares his vision for the DXC, which he sees as a professional refuge and advocacy group where design leaders can "learn from one another and advance the cause of design leadership to higher echelons." His entry adds not just credibility but also a well-articulated roadmap for how design can more profoundly impact business outcomes and societal challenges.


Greg Petroff

Greg Petroff is a distinguished leader in design and technology, boasting an impressive career that spans multiple decades and a variety of sectors including healthcare, finance, retail, and transportation. Currently serving as the Chief Design Officer at Cisco Secure, Petroff is responsible for overseeing the experience of Cisco's Security product portfolio.

Petroff's journey in design and technology began in the mid-1990s, and he has been a vanguard in the field ever since. His leadership ethos is deeply rooted in user-centered design, which he has leveraged to influence the trajectory of numerous successful products and services. He has held a series of high-profile leadership positions, including SVP Head of Design at Compass, VP Global Head of Design for ServiceNow, GM of Experience for Google Cloud, Chief Experience Officer at GE Digital, and VP of Product at SAP.

Petroff is a founding board member of the Interaction Design Association and has chaired the Interaction09 Conference. He has also served on the boards of several influential organizations such as the Industrial Internet Consortium, Open Connectivity Foundation, and Open Fog Consortium. Known for his thought leadership, Petroff frequently takes the stage to speak about design, innovation, and the future of work, making him a recognizable figure and esteemed voice in the field.