Board Advisor & Founding Member

Matthew Holloway

Global Head of Design

Matthew Holloway is a design executive with over 30 years of experience at the intersection of creativity and business. As the co-founder of six startups and a design leader at industry giants like Apple, WebMD, Shutterfly, and SAP, he has consistently used design as a transformative force to shape corporate strategy and market position. Currently the Global Head of Design at SnapLogic, Matthew is pioneering the integration of generative AI into user experience, unlocking unparalleled value in data and applications. In addition to his professional roles, he shares his design wisdom as a faculty member at institutions such as Stanford and The Royal College of Art.

A thought leader in his field, Matthew also serves as a Board Advisor and Founding Member of Design Executive Council (DXC), aiming to elevate the role of design in business strategy. His insights and leadership have inspired a new generation of design professionals to ascend to executive roles in organizations worldwide.