Cover page of the strategic behaviors and mindsets of design executives white paper

Strategic Behaviors and Mindsets of Design Executives

Explore how design executives at companies such as Cisco, CNN, IBM, Target, and Warner Music Group, create impact in this white paper.

DXC’s research reveals that these executives are not only solving complex problems but are also achieving their goals – like generating over $100 million in enterprise sales through design and shifting how entire organizations work. This report intimately details these successes and expands on the strategic approaches that enabled them, offering actionable insights for both design and business leaders.

Key insights include:

  • Design executives play a major role in boosting strategic business performance
  • Major public companies are actively hiring and retaining design executives to drive top and bottom-line growth
  • The complex blend of skills required - from imagining the future to building relationships all while extending expertise across the organization

Each of these achievements represents a strategic leap forward for strategic design leadership, demonstrating its pivotal role in driving business value and fostering competitive advantage.

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Five Impact Stories of Exeutives

Featuring illuminating case studies and impactful stories from chief design officers and VPs of design with experience from industry giants that include Cisco, CNN, IBM, Target and Warner Music Group, the report underscores how these visionary executives are driving strategic innovation and driving business transformation.

Mindset Fluidity and Watercolors

The watercolor illustrations in our report embody the fluidity and adaptability of effective design executives. Each illustration mirrors the dynamic nature of design leadership, where creativity and strategic thinking intertwine seamlessly. These vibrant visuals capture a mindset that embraces continuous change, innovation, and growth, highlighting the transformative impact of strategic design leadership on business and society.

Deep Dives

Gain insight into how strategic design executives lead major initiatives to drive business transformation. From boosting sales to transforming culture, designers in executive roles are creating impact beyond traditional boundaries.

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